Two Words redesign

One Gocha, Two Words, Kryptonum, lots of energy, ideas and great communication. All combined resulted in a project that was great in many ways. If you want to launch your business like Gocha, check out how she did it with us.



When refreshing the website, we worked with a great designer – Ewelina Wojtyczka. She created a beautiful interface design for the entire website. She combined legible fonts, pastel colors, which she supplemented with vivid photographs of Gocha and graphic details that did a great job. The resulting page is consistent, easy to navigate, and at the same time interesting, dynamic and encourages you to read the rest of the content. And the content is amazing! Obviously, Gocha as a known master of words wrote it on her own ;).



The main goal of the website is to sign up for the Gocha School of Writing for Business. The product is at an incredibly high level. The modules included in it are a sufficient dose of knowledge not only to write for business, but also to finally get started with it on your own! It is a gem on the Polish market, and the support of the course participants and Gocha herself is invaluable. We focused on Gocha’s personal brand. We have shown that she is an expert in her profession. Besides that all buttons and sections are strategically placed. Website’s recipients click exactly where they should :).


Colours & fonts

The new graphic design on the Gochy website is based on outstanding fonts and pastel colors. Muted shades of red, olive green in sections on the page harmonize with black and white, short blocks of text. Thanks to this, it takes a few seconds for the recipient to scan the page for information about Gosia and her courses. We referred to creativity and energy of Gocha that is sufficient to power more than one space rocket with unusual fonts and graphic flavors (chapeaux bas, Ewelina!). Check it out.



It was a very intense project. And we love such cooperation! Solid 2 weeks during which we completely changed Gosia’s website. In addition to redesigning and adding a consistent and new tone to the entire site, we did a looooot of things. We integrated Gosia’s shop with automatic online payments, we launched the registration for the School of Writing for Business and connected the payments to the Fakturownia system. All that to save Gosia’s time as much as possible so that she could do what she is best at and not waste it managing website on her own. In addition, we have added a few completely new subpages, created templates for blog articles and integrated the website with MailerLite mailing list software. The resulting platform has very good foundations to allow Gosia to shoot even higher into space!