The Data Strategy

Website for a company specializing in machine learning and artificial intelligence. The Data Strategy uses broad knowledge to solve specific problems. Wojtek (the main brain behind this brand) entertained us with the topic of neural networks, told about what they do and gave us a lot of positive energy. As a result of great cooperation, a website for The Data Strategy was created showing their professionalism clearly and in modern way.



Our task was to create a website that will be the foundation for the rest of the company’s marketing activities. After a joint conversation, we determined the project schedule, the communication strategy of The Data Strategy. As well as key elements of their business on which we focused on while designing a new website.



Machine learning is popular right now. Many people talk about artificial intelligence as a medicine for all evil, not quite understanding what it is about. The Data Strategy knows plenty about ML&AI. They support their knowledge with great practical projects that they have already implemented. The website for them must have been connected with futuristic graphics, while at the same time showing their achievements in an accessible way. Thus strengthening the brand’s authority on the web.


Colours & fonts

The Data Strategy color scheme refers to the logo and the company’s design system established years ago. It wasn’t a limitation for us at all, but rather it helped to quickly grasp fonts and colors which are consistent with the whole strategy of brand communication on the web. We’ve created some interesting graphics and shapes associated with data processing and technology.



Thanks to the enormous knowledge and experience of The Data Strategy gained while working with clients from around the world, working with Wojtek while designing the new website went smoothly. During the first conversation with Wojtek (yeah, Kuba & Maciej in the house!) we embraced a shared vision of the brand on the web. We’ve created a website that will be the foundation for communication with potential customers in the future. The Data Strategy rules in data processing and modern technologies. If you have a problem related to machine learning, blockchain technology, processing large data sets, contact with them right now. Not only they embrace these topics, but also it is easy to understand what they are talking about!