Podatkowy ninja

Website and sales platform for Julita developing her business – Podatkowy Ninja. Together with Julita, we have laid the foundations for her online business. If you’re wondering how to develop your personal brand, the Podatkowy Ninja is a perfect case study to learn from! ;)



Julita has deep knowledge in the field of corporate tax settlements. She has many years of experience in working with accountants, knows the flavors, tricks, countless paragraphs and, above all, talks about it with a “human voice”. We had to create a website that would allow her to develop a personal brand, interest a niche audience and monetize this business.



Taxes are unlikely to be a topic to read about baked goods until 2am. Unless, thanks to Julita’s article, you can save a lot of money in your company. Yup, Julita’s knowledge must have seen the light of day. The blog was created to build Julita’s online authority, solve the problems of her recipients and reach more and more accountants and business owners. An additional section of the website is the Free subpage – what tigers like the most. Free materials, pdfs, checklists, which save accountants stress, making their work easier, and allow company presidents to rest in peace, knowing that their accountant will solve their problems in the best possible way.


Colours & fonts

How to attract the attention of recipients to the sections we care about? By utilizing a decorative font you have never seen before. We focused on Santoy – handwritten letters will not go unnoticed ;). Julita is a professional who talks about tax complexities in an understandable and light-hearted way. That is why we thought that the base of the page should be classic black and white, and we will break it with an unconventional shade of pink. The blog contains long sections packed with fleshy content, so we paid special attention to the readability of paragraphs, whose width, size and proportions have been adapted for comfortable reading. Check for yourself that it’s nice to read.



How to show professionalism and experience, while not boring your recipients with clichés, stock photos and the offer subpage, like all others on the web? How to show in a simple and understandable way that Julita is proficient in taxes and talks about them without unnecessary jargon? And finally – how can she make money from it all, giving knowledge and solving the problems of her clients? There were a lot of challenges to face. And that’s what we really enjoy in creating custom tailored websites for our Clients. How did we figure it all out? Have a look at Julita’s website here.