My Alsace

Complete rebuilding of Iza’s blog from mojaalzacja.pl. In cooperation with paq studio we optimized the website for SEO. Blog migration with over 300 articles was quite a challenge. Check it out yourself! ;)



Building a personal brand with reddish colours is difficult. Iza did not have any problems with this – the climate of My Alsace perfectly harmonizes with vivid colors on her blog. She created the website herself, in 2013, respect btw! We were supposed to refresh, boost SEO and make it look consistent in every aspect. The main goal was for her recipients to be able to find My Alsace as quickly as possible on the web and get to the practical articles on real life in France.



My Alsace is a place where you can find out why in France tea is made in a pot, what places are best to see in Alsace during a 3-day trip, and a lot of about local culinary specialties. Admittedly, there is a lot to read about here – comprehensive knowledge of France in one place. The website’s key points are the blog and digital products which Iza creates that make life in France easier. The site was supposed to let you meet Iza (because she is extremely interesting person!), show her story and reach the largest possible audience of recipients interested in France.


Colours & fonts

We used the decorative font Jennifer Lynne for headlines to catch the reader’s attention. Combined with vivid red it catches the eye and allows to focus the recipient on the sections we want him to be focused. We used BW Modelica for longer blocks of text, paragraphs and less prominent headers. Iza loves this font and we fully agree with it – it blends beautifully on her new page.



If you are interested in going to France, wondering how it is to live there or whether the Eiffel Tower is an absolute must-have trip to the country of cheese and vine, visit the Iza’s website. You will surely find the answers to your questions. For us it was a great experience and an opportunity to optimize the site in many aspects, and all this to bring serious effects! Design embraced, SEO optimized profesionally by paq studio, now we are just waiting for further blog development :).