Mill at the Edge of the Forest

A website for a charming house among greenery for a trip outside the city – for families, friends and workshop groups. Stare Polichno next to Gorzów Wielkopolski.



Kate is a volcano of energy, passion and action. The mill in Stare Polichno is a place where she and her relatives spent a large part of her childhood. In addition, she loves interior design. That’s why arranging the space of 360m2 was a challenge and a lot of fun for her. After the complete renovation and adaptation of the Mill to receive guests, it was necessary to show it online. And that’s what we helped Kate with. We have created a website where its recipients can learn the history of the mill, see what the entire facility and its surroundings look like, and they can quickly contact Kate and book a stay at the Mill.



Kate directs to the website from various places – from her Facebook profile, through direct recommendations and from hotel portals such as booking.com and others. When the recipient enters the Mill’s website, he should be able to read its history and see exactly what to expect there. No surprises at the Mill! If you get surprised, it’s only positively. We only have a few seconds to interest a potential recipient. For this reason, we have created a page that is as simple as possible, showing the concrete from the very first section.


Colours & fonts

Peace and quiet, green surroundings, the cat Kiełek and beautiful forest areas around the Mill. We referred to this atmosphere by choosing the colors of the website. The color accent on the page is subdued green and expressive flower graphics separating the individual sections. A potential customer of the Mill at the Edge of the Forest wants to see what the interior and surroundings look like on the website. For this reason, the gallery is the key place on the website. Professional photos taken by Iga and Wojtek show exactly the whole area, the building and its every nook and cranny.



As a result of our cooperation with Kate, the website and the logo of the Mill at the Edge of the Forest was created. It will be a great online place for her, where she will show why it is worth visiting the Mill. Based on the logo we’ve created, we designed the website in cooperation with Kamila, the master of words from Dobra Treść. We have connected the contact form on the website directly to Kate’s e-mail. We are sure that if you write to her, she will definitely respond. Stare Polichno is a beautiful place where you can relax, go kayaking, take part in various types of workshops in the bosom of nature. So, welcome to the Mill.