Have you ever wondered how big the internet really is? We have! Take a look below, and you will find something of interest.

Imagine a city with stream of streets, larger and smaller houses, places to meet, shops, rail connections, roads and pedestrians. There are good neighbourhoods & dark places which are best to avoid. This is what internet looks like – it is a transfer of everyday life setting into a digital world. In that world, you can compare your website to a house.

As every house, a website is located in a specific location – this is your www (domain), thanks to which others will be able to find you. The plot on which the house is built is the server – it is a place where the data is stored. You also need water & electricity connections, right? Hosting is literally just that. It is necessary for your house to be functional. Just as you pay for your water and electricity, you need to provide a small payment for hosting regularly, however, thanks to that, your website will become functional in the internet.

The house can be a beautiful villa, a castle or a simple yet functional home – it all depends on what functions you expect your website to serve. What you see after you enter the website – graphics, texts, buttons, all of it is making the interface – the look of your website. Building interface and designing it based on the targets of the website to UI – User Interface of the website. The house is normally designed with a certain way of rooms distribution, to which we want to invite our guests and also we want all the household members to be comfortable in it (for the user experience responsible is the UX of the website).

We have this house and it is visited regularly by the guy who checks the electricity meters. In the world of internet you can compare him to a search engine (e.g. Google), which will check every so often the value of the content on your website. It will index it based on that (i.e. match the users queries with answers available on your website). If you are going to optimise your website to a certain search engine, in short- taking care of your SEO, your website will be showing in the search results at a higher position. If you invite Mr Google more often to show him your ‘electricity meters’, i.e. by using Google tools to promote your website – your website will go even higher in the search results.

It all depends on what you wish to achieve with your website. If you can answer the question – what do you need – we will help you to choose the form. We can create any house you wish to make you successful online & appropriate for your business – we can build amazing villas with swimming pools (www services), broad markets (www shops), quiet libraries (blogs), as well as picturesque and cute little houses at the end of the village (landing pages).

The house which is www site needs to be taken care of not only during the time whilst it is being designed and built. When we create websites, we also teach how to take care of it after it is built. WE use the WordPress system, which is one of the most transparent and easy in use systems for content editing available. We will also show you how to work in order to have your house a place which is visited by many visitors, often.

Definitely! When we design & create the digital products- websites or apps we can share the information via electronic route. We can meet via an on-line session, to discuss important points, we are also available if you prefer to use mobile phone. You can follow the progress of our efforts to create your perfect website & ask questions at each stage of the development process and also once your website is ready.